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Now Public Relations Actually Relates with the Public

I was thinking yesterday about some of the calls I used to take when I worked in corporate communications for a national retailer.  Most of the time when my phone rang, a reporter was on the other end.  Every so often, however, a customer with a complaint would call.  Customer complaints weren’t really my department, […]

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The PR Circle of Life

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I’m probably not blogging anything that hasn’t been blogged before when I type this, but I’ll type it anyhow: There are more tools available to the PR professional now than at any point in the industry’s history.  You probably think I’m referencing social media and social networking.  I am, but there’s so much more to […]

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One of 100 PR People Worth Following

All day on Sunday, I noticed a flood of new Twitter followers. This is rather unexpected on a Sunday, as you might imagine. I couldn’t figure out what I could have possibly done to trigger it. Then, I figured it out. Valeria Maltoni, writer of the excellent blog Conversation Agent, named me one of her […]

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