One of 100 PR People Worth Following

All day on Sunday, I noticed a flood of new Twitter followers. This is rather unexpected on a Sunday, as you might imagine. I couldn’t figure out what I could have possibly done to trigger it. Then, I figured it out. Valeria Maltoni, writer of the excellent blog Conversation Agent, named me one of her 100 PR People Worth Following on Twitter. I’m thrilled at this, of course, and want to thank Valeria … not only for naming me to her list, but for compiling the list in the first place. There are thousands (millions?) of great PR people on Twitter, and this list is a wonderful starting point for anyone who wants to join in the PR conversation on the micro-blogging site.

If you want to do it the easy way, Neville Hobson created a list on TweepML.  You can follow each of the 100 on Valeria’s list by clicking one button!  Follow this link: