About EndGame PR

Founded in January of 2006 and based near Richmond, Virginia, EndGame Public Relations, LLC is a Social Media PR firm that uses a mix of new and old techniques to ensure its clients gain the highest possible visibility.  Working with government agencies, nonprofits, trade associations, and businesses of all sizes, EndGame PR stands out because of its use of not only traditional media relations, but also social media and social networking strategies, production of social media content, SEO, and even top-to-bottom web design.

In April of 2007, EndGame PR launched the first and only corporate podcast production service in Central Virginia.  The firm’s podcasting service is responsible for a number of series for clients ranging from nonprofits to international corporations.

EndGame PR is SWaM Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

About EndGame PR President Steve Mullen

Steve Mullen stands at the intersection of public relations and information technology, possessing knowledge from both fields.  Prior to becoming a PR professional, he spent seven years as a journalist in the Richmond, Virginia market, working in television as a news producer and in radio as an anchor, reporter, and news director. After learning the news business from the inside, he began his public relations career in 1999 at The Martin Agency.  He later worked in corporate communications at Circuit City headquarters, acting as one of the national consumer electronics retailer’s primary media spokespersons.  In January of 2006, he decided to use what he’d learned from both the media and PR worlds to create his own firm, EndGame Public Relations, LLC.

Steve has taught social media and social networking strategies to members of the Richmond Association of REALTORS®, and has been a featured speaker at workshops organized by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Virginia Business Incubators Association, and others.  He also taught news writing at his alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Mass Communications (now the Robertson School of Media and Culture).

When he isn’t working diligently for his clients, he can usually be found spending time with his wife and two children, at a VCU basketball game, or playing as much golf as possible.

So what’s with the name “EndGame”?

“Endgame” is a chess term for the point in the game when there are only a few pieces left on the board and the outcome has been determined.  All that’s needed is to play out the moves.  But, we didn’t pick this name because we’re chess fanatics.  In business, it has come to mean the final, or desired, result.

EndGame PR is a results-based PR firm.  Many times, marketing professionals will spout theory and long diatribes to justify how important (or expensive) they are.  You won’t hear that from EndGame PR.  We’ll listen to your needs and come up with the right strategy to get you where you want to go … to your “endgame”.

To put EndGame Public Relations to work for you, contact us!