Startup BizCast #81 – Hiring in a Weak Economy (Brad Smart)


It’s tough to hire new employees these days.   It may seem like a strange statement, and it’s not top on the list of concerns of most people, but it’s something to consider.   If you’re one of the small businesses that’s actually thriving in this weak economy, and you put an ad in the newspaper that announces an opening at your company, it’s very likely that you’ll get 100, 200, or even 500 resumes in response.   How do you sift through that kind of volume?   This week’s guest on Startup BizCast is Brad Smart from Topgrading, a firm that helps companies find and hire the best employees.   He has outstanding advice for not only sifting through the resumes, but also how to make sure you only get the top performers as applicants in the first place.

This episode is a good bit longer than most, but be sure to stick around to the end … not only for the great advice, but for information on a free e-book that has even more tips on this topic!

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