Startup BizCast #23 – Backing Up Your Small Business Data (David Friend)


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What’s going to happen to your small business if all of your computer files go “POOF”? With computer storing nearly all of our information these days, it’s more important than ever to have a way to back up your data. On this week’s Startup BizCast, the small business advice podcast that’s shorter than your coffee break, I interview David Friend from Carbonite, a company that provides online data backup solutions. David and I talk about what makes a good backup plan.

On BizCast Brief, I have stories about the NFIB lobbying for healthcare reform, the impact of the Hollywood writer’s strike on small businesses, and new small business offerings from Wachovia.

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4 Responses on “Startup BizCast #23 – Backing Up Your Small Business Data (David Friend)

  1. KK Cuphak says:

    Good stuff, good stuff.

    I settled on File Backup — simple name and simple offsite backup. It’s based on the software that is the industry gold standard (the same software that the much more expensive Iron Mountain uses). Here is a link,,,



  2. Steve Mullen says:

    Thanks for the tip, KK. I removed your link, but will be happy to put it back if you admit you work in some way for File Backup. Your comment about the “gold standard” just sounded too much like a PR guy for me.

    Let me know if I’m wrong 🙂

  3. Great interview Steve, like to throw out a unique alternative:


    It’s a unique alternative because unlike the rest of the online gang, you keep control of your data while backing up off-site.

    There are several advantages to this: No service fees, greater securirty, and you can back up to as many places as you want.

    Most importantly, you can get you data back much more quickly if total data loss occurs! It can take many days (even weeks) to get a large amount of data back from an online provider.

    Using CrashPlan, you can backup your laptop to the office and home.


  4. Steve Mullen says:

    Thanks, Matthew. Always happy to hear about alternatives.

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