Creative Uses for a News Release

I just finished reading a great article on the blog Public Relations Princess about alternatives for sending out your news release.  The gist of the article is that after writing a news release it’s just too easy these days to put a list together and blast out the release via email.  The article author, Claire Celsi, says it’s lazy PR.  I couldn’t agree more if I tried.

Once upon a time, there wasn’t really another way to do things.  Back in the day (wow .. I really sound old) you actually used a fax machine to send the release, but other than that the tactic was the same.    You blasted it out, started making phone calls, and hoped for the best.  These days, however, we have alternatives to bludgeoning the media with releases.  Here’s a look at the list of suggestions from the PR Princess:

  • Pitch email (sending a customized email rather than just the release)
  • Make a website posting (preferably a blog post)
  • Send a Tweet
  • Send a Facebook message
  • Pick up a phone (call the reporter rather than just sending the release)
  • Offer to meet the reporter in person

While I consider one of these a dead or dying PR tactic, I’m in favor of anything that teaches public relations people strategies to avoid creating the news release spam that journalists complain about so frequently.

I’d like to add a few more suggestions to the list:

  • You can re-purpose these releases as part of a monthly e-newsletter to your clients and employees.  It will let them know what you’re up to.
  • Create a custom Facebook landing page (new service EndGame PR is now offering — look for an announcement soon) and list releases there, along with special offers for Facebook “fans”.
  • Post on a news release distribution service, and be sure to include a link back to your (or your client’s) website.  It’s a great way to spread your release around the web, and it’s good for SEO too.

It’s good to be a PR person in our social media age!

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  1. Claire Celsi says:

    Hey Steve! Thanks for reading PR Princess and for your comment. These are also some great suggestions. Content is the currency of our business.

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