Amazing Backwards Client Video from Rhett & Link

I’m not normally in the business of sharing funny videos on this blog, and I try not to crow too much about clients here, but I had to share this.  EndGame PR manages the website and its social media presence.  SleepBetter is a sleep news, tips and advice website.  We work with The Hodges Partnership as part of a team headed up by Slay Communications.  The team has been working with self-proclaimed “Internetainers” Rhett & Link to produce a new video.  You may know Rhett & Link from their T-shirt War video.  The new video, released today, is about a person’s relationship with their pillow, and how that relationship can go sour when the pillow gets nasty dirty due to years of love.

What you’ll notice about this video is that it was played backwards.  Rhett & Link actually lip synced the words backwards while doing the video shoot.  These guys are amazing!  Want to know more about how Rhett & Link made the video?  Head to to see the video FORWARDS!

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  1. Steve Mullen says:

    Speaking of amazing … this video is about to pass the mark for one million views … in less than FIVE DAYS!

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