EndGame PR Helping to Launch The Bedtime Stories Project

One of the best parts about my line of work is that you sometimes get to work on projects that are just fun.  That’s the case for me right now, as EndGame PR is part of the team that’s helping to launch The Bedtime Stories Project for SleepBetter.org. I hope you’ll excuse what probably will seem like shilling for a client, while I tell you about the project.

The Bedtime Stories Project has a goal of reviving a tradition that’s thousands of years old – the telling of stories at bedtime.  Unfortunately this tradition is increasingly being replaced by video games and television, but telling a story at bedtime is not only a great moment to share between a parent and child, it’s also a wonderful and natural way of helping the child relax and prepare for sleep.  These days, it seems no one, even children, gets enough sleep.  Studies have shown that children who don’t sleep enough have trouble learning in school and can even develop health problems.

There are a number of moving parts to the project:

  • The team commissioned a national survey to determine America’s Favorite Bedtime Story.  Check on SleepBetter.org to see if your favorite bedtime story made the list.
  • A writing expert is providing tips on how to write a great bedtime story.  Check out Hillary Homzie’s Five Tips to Creating an Original Bedtime Story.
  • We’ve created our own bedtime story called Sleepy Tales, where famous fairy tale characters discuss their sleeping problems.  Read this fun book by using the link on the front page of SleepBetter.org.
  • Emmy Award-winning Actress Betty White, who is just uber-hot right now, is partnering with us, and will appear at an upcoming event.  At the event, she’ll read America’s Favorite Bedtime Story to children, and will also read some submissions from members of the SleepBetter Community.
  • As you may have guessed from the above point, we’re asking site visitors to submit their own original bedtime stories!  One of the interesting points from SleepBetter’s national survey was that we found out families are most enthusiastic about the stories they make up for their own enjoyment.  We’re gathering these stories and posting them on The Bedtime Stories Project web site (built, by the way, by EndGame PR).  As I mentioned above, Betty White will read some of them at the upcoming event, and we’ll also pick one to be illustrated by the internationally-known artist behind the Sleepy Tales Book, Bill Nelson.  You can submit your story at the submission page on The Bedtime Stories web site, or just use the handy-dandy submission form below!

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  1. Sleep Better says:

    I agree with bedtime stories before you put your kids to sleep. Not only it helps eliminate late night sleep time for them but also it gives you more time to bond with kids – something very priceless, don’t you agree?

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