Richmond-Area Team Finishes Successful First Year of Asset Resolution & Credit Services

(Richmond, Virginia) – Competition among the nation’s community banks has never been greater, which means the Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) Investor Services Division led by Ray Santelli and Andy Ferguson is likely to remain busy.

Strategic Risk Associates

After more than 20 years in community banking, Santelli (former SVP for commercial lending and special assets) and Ferguson (former Chief Credit Officer for two banks) finished their first year working with SRA on a strong note, improving their client banks’ asset quality metrics and growing their clients’ bottom lines.  The pair performs services that include problem asset resolution and management, enhanced loan reviews and high level fractional credit support.

“We have spoken with many banks that have greatly improved their asset quality metrics since the Great Recession but still have nonperforming assets on their balance sheets,” said Santelli.  “These lingering NPA’s are often the most difficult to resolve. Our firm efficiently brings additional resources to our clients that advance their problem asset resolution efforts while allowing them to fully concentrate on growing their loan books and earnings.”

An overview of the services provided by Santelli and Ferguson for clients in 2016 includes:

  • Due diligence for a community bank investor prior to his investment in a Georgia-based community bank.
  • Designed an asset resolution plan, the centerpiece of a recapitalization for a Southeast based community bank.
  • Long-term engagement for a community bank with a $65 million NPA portfolio.  Strategies and methods utilized resulted in a 50% reduction of the NPA portfolio in less than 9 months.
  • Provided fractional asset resolution work for a Virginia-based bank.
  • Acted as Chief Credit Officer to comply with post-exam mandates issued by a bank’s regulator.

Regardless of how the economy performs for the remainder of 2017, the pace of consolidation as well as the competitive nature of the banking industry isn’t likely to change.  To discuss your bank’s asset resolution and credit needs, please call Ray Santelli at (804) 347-2136.

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