Uber-Hot Betty White Partners with EndGame PR Client

Please excuse this obvious shilling for a client.  We’re pretty excited about this.

We have Betty White and we’re not afraid to use her.

EndGame PR has been working with SleepBetter.org, a sleep advice and information site run by Carpenter Co., since December of last year.  EndGame PR is responsible for web site management, SEO, and social media activities for the site.  We’re part of a larger team that manages public relations.

Back in December and January, the PR team began working on a new project that would begin in the spring.  After tossing around a number of names for a spokesperson, they settled on Betty White.  This was after her appearance in the movie “The Proposal” but before she  truly broke back into the spotlight with the Snickers Super Bowl Commercial seen to the left.

That commercial pushed Ms. White back into the public consciousness in a way that may have never been seen before with an 88-year-old.  It shows that Super Bowl commercials are not completely dead as a social shared experience. It also shows how they can spark a viral sensation.  The YouTube video of the Betty White Snickers commercial has nearly 2.1 million views.  I call that significant.

Back to the client news, now.  We made the announcement at the end of last week that Betty White will be working with SleepBetter.  She’ll be assisting with a project that focuses on helping people, particularly children, get a better night’s sleep.  I invite you to read the announcement and keep your eyes on SleepBetter this spring!

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