Startup BizCast #35 – Small Business Taxes Pt. 1 (June Walker)


Tax season is quickly creeping up on us. Personally, I haven’t done anything about getting my tax information in order, but I am at least THINKING about it! Because it’s that season, I wanted to make sure you all get a heavy dose of advice about taxes for your small business. So, I’ve decided produce Startup BizCast’s first two part episode. My guest for the next two programs is June Walker, a tax and financial advisor, and author of the book Self-Employed Tax Solutions. June has been advising independent professionals for 25 years. Her clients are the owners of unincorporated small businesses, including sole proprietors, freelancers, subcontractors, free agents, and 1099 workers.

In this episode, June and I spend a good bit of time talking about how to choose a tax professional to work with you this year. We also discuss the all-important deductions that will help save you money. In the second part of our conversation, which will be available on Wednesday, February 20, we’ll talk about how to structure your business to save you money on taxes.

I’ve devoted the entire episode to talking with June, and thus there is no BizCast Brief this week. The segment will return in the future, but in the meantime please check out my Small Business Recommended Reading post for this week.

Links mentioned in this week’s episode:
June Walker’s website (
June’s Blog, where she’ll answer your questions
June’s book – Self-Employed Tax Solutions
CSTechcast (

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