Startup BizCast: The Small Business Advice Podcast

Startup BizCast provides business advice from EndGame PR President Steve Mullen and experts from a variety of industries.  Each episode tackles a topic of interest to business owners of all sizes, but particularly small and micro-business owners.  The show published from 2007 to 2009, then was re-launched in 2018 in a shorter format.  To learn about the exciting relaunch of the show after nine years, check out this news release.

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Startup BizCast #101 - Negotiating Against Yourself

Setting your prices for potential business is a hard thing, because most of the time the potential client doesn't tell you how much they're willing to pay you.  So, how can you make sure you're not under-charging, or asking for so much that you don't get the work?  Host Steve[click for more]

Startup BizCast #100 - Where People Get Their News

If you want to speak to your audience through traditional media relations, advertising, or social media, you need to know where to find them.  In this episode of Startup BizCast, host Steve Mullen talks about a new survey on the subject that has some groundbreaking results. If you'd like to read[click for more]

Startup BizCast #99 - Advice for Sole Proprietors

It's tough being the owner of a micro business or sole proprietorship.  In many cases, you're the only one doing the work and you don't have anyone to consult or bounce ideas off of.  In this episode, EndGame PR President Steve Mullen gives advice geared directly toward this type of[click for more]

Startup BizCast #98 - Are You Being Social?

Your business is probably on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  You may even be on Instagram.  But, are you actually communicating, or are you just making announcements?  In this episode, EndGame PR President Steve Mullen gives some advice to ensure your social media efforts truly are social. To ensure you don’t miss[click for more]

Startup BizCast #97 - Finding Time for Social Media

It's completely understandable that it's hard to find time for social media when you're a small business owner, but not doing it is a mistake.  In this episode, host Steve Mullen gives some advice to streamline your business social media processes and make sure you keep up to date. To ensure[click for more]

Startup BizCast #96 - Who Are Your Friends on Social Media?

This episode is all about who your friends are on social media, or, more specifically, who your friends should be.  Most business owners and social media managers maintain personal accounts that they don't want to (and probably shouldn't) mix with their business accounts.  While they may have figured out who[click for more]

Startup BizCast #95 - How Not to Spread Fake News

Our country has a fake news problem.  A lot of people use the term to describe news stories they simply disagree with, but truly the spread of incorrect news is a growing issue.  As a social media manager or business owner, how do you avoid making it worse?  Host Steve[click for more]

Startup BizCast #94 - Social Media Customer Service

Customer service isn't something that's just done face-to-face or even over the phone anymore.  Customers have more of an upper hand now, because they can broadcast their complaints to the world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  How do you, as a business owner or manager, deal with it?  In episode[click for more]

Startup BizCast #93 - Communication Across the Generations

In this episode, I mix it up a little and tackle a topic that's more about internal communications than PR or social media.  When you have a business that employs people who may be from FOUR different generations, how do you deal with all of their different ways of communicating? [click for more]

Startup BizCast #92 - The Basics of Crisis Communication

No matter what kind of business you have, there's a chance that something will happen that will lead to the media reaching out to find you for a story you didn't really want to be a part of.  How you handle that is called crisis communications, and in this episode,[click for more]


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