Startup BizCast: The Small Business Advice Podcast

Startup BizCast provides business advice from EndGame PR President Steve Mullen and experts from a variety of industries.  Each episode tackles a topic of interest to business owners of all sizes, but particularly small and micro-business owners.  The show published from 2007 to 2009, then was re-launched in 2018 in a shorter format.  To learn about the exciting relaunch of the show after nine years, check out this news release.

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Startup BizCast #88 - Is it Time to Quit Facebook?

While Facebook has been a blessing for businesses trying to build an audience, over the past few years we've seen those blessings limited as the social media giant makes it more and more obvious that it wants you to pay for the right to access your audience.  In this episode[click for more]

Startup BizCast #87 - Re-launch and Social Media Manager Advice

It's been a long wait for Episode 87 of Startup BizCast, but that wait is over.  After nine years, I'm publishing all new episodes, starting today.  Startup BizCast began in 2007, and offers advice for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. This episode reintroduces the show and talks about the new[click for more]

Startup BizCast #86 – How Social Media Changed PR (Steve Mullen)

There has been quite a gap between episodes 85 and 86.   The reasons for that are plentiful, but one of the biggest is that I've been doing a lot of speaking engagements that have taken away the time I would normally have spent on this podcast.   For this[click for more]

Startup BizCast #85 – New Tech for “Old” Jobs (David Marks)

Between hardware like mobile phones and new social media tools, there's so much new technology coming out every day that it can be hard to keep track.   If you're able to harness some of these tools, however, it can make your work more profitable and sometimes even easier.  [click for more]

Startup BizCast #84 – Small Biz Social Media Review (Steve Mullen)

The social media landscape changes so quickly ... almost every day!   The pace of change is so fast, in fact that it's sometimes hard for professionals to keep up, let alone small business owners who have other things to worry about.   For that reason, in Startup BizCast #84[click for more]

Startup BizCast #83 – Tax Time in the U.S. (Ryan Thompson)

It's no April Fools ... tax day in the U.S. is rapidly approaching.   That means you'd better be getting to work on your tax returns.   If you're not, you may need to think about filing for an extension.   Our guest on this episode of Startup BizCast is[click for more]

Startup BizCast #82 – The Pulse of Entrepreneurship (Chris Benjamin)

After a bit of a long hiatus, Startup BizCast is back with episode 82!   In this show, we take the pulse of entrepreneurship.   How are things going out there?   Our guest is Chris Benjamin from Rogue CFO.   He's a contract CFO, working with companies that need[click for more]

Startup BizCast #81 – Hiring in a Weak Economy (Brad Smart)

It's tough to hire new employees these days.   It may seem like a strange statement, and it's not top on the list of concerns of most people, but it's something to consider.   If you're one of the small businesses that's actually thriving in this weak economy, and you[click for more]

Startup BizCast #80 – Small Business Venture Funding (Robert Ochtel)

Back in the 1990s, all you needed to do if you wanted funding for your business was show up with an interesting company name and slogan ... and you'd get all you wanted.   These days ... not so much.   With the economy withering, so is the amount of[click for more]

Startup BizCast #79 – Twitter for Small Business Owners (Dave Saunders)

After missing a week of the show ... I'm back!   This week we have our promised episode on how small business owners can use Twitter.   I'm a member of the micro-blogging site and use it quite a bit, but I decided to bring in a guest who is[click for more]

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