Maker of Revolutionary USB Portable Personal Health Record Card Introduces New 911 Medical ID Medallion

911 Medical ID Card & Medallion Help Users Easily Create a Portable Personal Health Record (PHR)

Louisville, KY  (January 25, 2010) – Just months after introducing the 911 Medical ID™ USB portable personal health record (PHR) wallet card, its maker, MEMI Tech, is launching another revolutionary product. The new 911 Medical ID Medallion is designed to be worn around the neck, and includes the same features and functions as the wallet card. The medallion is perfect for use by the elderly, disabled and children.


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“It is the thinnest, smallest and lightest portable personal health record USB device ever made, and it offers exactly the same patented and proprietary software and functions as the popular 911 Medical ID Card,” says MEMI Tech CEO Mark Weiss. “The medallion is designed for those who don’t carry a wallet but need the protection of having their important medical and personal information with them at all times.”

The 911 Medical ID Card, is designed to be carried in a wallet like a credit card, while the new 911 Medical ID Medallion, which weighs less than a quarter-ounce and is the size of a military dog tag, can be worn around the neck on a chain or on the included lanyard. Regardless if you have the card or the medallion, the technology is designed to empower the user to take personal responsibility and control of their health information by creating an electronic portable, personal health record.

“In the event of an emergency, healthcare providers will have instant access to all your vital medical information, said Dr. Guy Lerner, MEMI Tech’s medical adviser. “Your medical conditions, medications, allergies, living will, medical tests and much more are all right there on the card or medallion. Having them easily available avoids delays in treatment and costly mistakes. The only way to assure that your healthcare providers have the best chance to help you is to always carry your own up-to-date comprehensive portable personal health record with you in an easily findable and readable format”.

When plugged into the USB port on any Windows-based computer, the 911 Medical ID Card and Medallion automatically launch software that walks the user through the steps to enter their information. The devices each have a two gigabyte storage capacity, and allow the owner to safely store private documents in the secure password-protected area of the card. Each also has the capability of storing medical records of ten family members. All of the information is easily backed up onto a password-protected HIPAA compliant, private secure server location that can be accessed from any computer with access to the Internet.

“Because it fits on a lanyard or chain around your neck, the new 911 Medical ID Medallion is easy to find in an emergency, ” said Weiss. “It is the perfect option for seniors, people with disabilities and other special needs, children with serious conditions or allergies, and anyone else who needs their medical information to be available at a moment’s notice. Owning and using this product could literally save your life.”

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About MEMI Tech
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, MEMI Tech, LLC is the developer of the world’s thinnest patent-protected USB health information storage device, the 911 Medical ID™ Card, as well as the world’s thinnest, smallest, and lightest health information storage device, the 911 Medical ID Medallion™. These unique portable devices are designed to hold personal medical information to be used in the case of emergency or when visiting a healthcare provider, and to allow the user to easily create and carry their portable personal health record (PPHR). For more information on MEMI Tech and the 911 Family of Products, please visit