Sleep Tips Web Site to Release “My Sleepy Valentine Survey”

(Richmond, Va.) — Has Valentine’s Day become “just another day” for work-stressed Americans? What do men and women value more, good sex or a good night’s sleep? Those are just a couple of the questions that will be answered by the My Sleepy Valentine Survey by, to be released soon at sleep advice web site

sleepbetter-vdayThe My Sleepy Valentine Survey by polled American couples on topics related to Valentine’s Day, relationships and sleep, including whether “sleep” really does (wink, wink) mean “sleep”.

“We wanted to find out what couples think about how Valentine’s Day fits into their real lives,” said Dan Schecter, vice president of consumer products at Carpenter Co., and creator of “We think the results will be real eye-openers.”

Arriving just a few weeks after the major holiday season, Valentine’s Day comes at a time when many of us are under pressure to buckle down at work. Added stress at work frequently leads to poor sleeping habits, which can eventually cause problems in a relationship. offers the following tips to help busy Americans keep their sleep patterns and their love lives on track by the time Valentine’s Day gets here:

  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep to feel rested after you wake up. If this means you need to go to bed earlier, then try to find a way to go to bed earlier.
  • Schedule your errands or other chores on your day off, particularly if doing them after work will keep you from getting a full night’s sleep.
  • Don’t expect to catch up on sleep during your days off.  Oversleeping on your day off can make your sleep deprivation problem worse, not better.

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