Sheltering Arms Helps Patients Connect with Families Despite H1N1 Restrictions

Richmond, Virginia (October 26, 2009) – This season’s H1N1 influenza outbreak has led area hospitals to take drastic, yet proactive, measures to keep patients safe. Sheltering Arms, in turn, has come up with a creative solution that will allow them to continue to have the benefit of visitation with family members.

About a dozen hospitals in the Richmond-Petersburg area, including Sheltering Arms two inpatient facilities, have coordinated efforts in the interest of patient and health care provider safety to restrict visiting policies at their hospitals. This means that with few exceptions, children under the age of 18 and visitors of any age with any symptoms of influenza-like illness will not be permitted in patient care areas. Knowing that the care and support of loved ones are catalysts in helping patients in their recovery process, Sheltering Arms has made web-cams available at both of their area hospitals.

“Loved ones, particularly children and grandchildren, often provide the extra motivation that patients need to work hard, regain their independence and return home,” says Stephanie Sulmer, Director of Public Relations for Sheltering Arms. “Of course, we support the initiative of the Virginia Department of Health and our healthcare partners throughout Central Virginia in protecting our patients from flu exposure. At the same time, we want to make sure that our patients have all of the necessary components to help them get better, including the people they love most.”

Upon the announcement of the visitation policy limitations, Sheltering Arms immediately put a plan into action to have the web-cams implemented in the hospitals prior to the policy becoming effective on Monday, October 26th. These limitations are expected to be in place through March 2010.

“Our patients are often with us for weeks, even months sometimes,” adds Sulmer. “We want to facilitate keeping them in touch with family and friends who fall into the ‘restricted categories.’ The web-cams will add an element of communication and interaction that is lost over the telephone or Internet.”

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