EndGame PR Retained to Promote Health Information Storage Card

Richmond, Virginia (October 20, 2009) — EndGame Public Relations President Steve Mullen announced today that Kentucky-based MEMI Tech, LLC has retained his firm to launch and promote its unique and life-saving new health information storage card, 911 Medical ID™.

The 911 Medical ID™ Card is the world’s thinnest patent-protected USB device.  Approximately the same size as a credit card, it gives consumers a way to store and carry with them important emergency medical information such as allergies, prescriptions and pre-existing conditions, in a way that is easy for medical personnel to access.  The card will not only reduce misdiagnoses, it will also help to cut the cost of medical care as the industry moves more and more toward electronic medical records.

“This is an exciting and innovative product that will literally save lives,” said Mullen. “I’m thrilled to be working with the MEMI Tech team to make sure as many people as possible can have the feeling of well-being that comes with knowing their important medical information is available in the case of an emergency.”

EndGame PR, a Richmond, Virginia-based Social Media PR firm, will use a mix of media relations, social networking, and social media to promote the health information card.

“Social media and social networking are not only outstanding tools but a necessity for a new product such as 911 Medical ID™,” said Mark Weiss, CEO of MEMI Tech. “We chose EndGame PR as our public relations partner specifically because of the firm’s knowledge and experience with both traditional PR and web marketing.”

911 Medical ID™ is available for sale through the product’s website, www.911medicalid.com.

About EndGame Public Relations, LLC
EndGame Public Relations, LLC is a full service Social Media PR firm based in Richmond, Virginia.  EndGame PR mixes traditional and new marketing strategies to promote clients, using tactics such as media relations, crisis communications, social media strategy, blogging, web design, search engine optimization, and corporate podcasts and web videos. For more information on EndGame PR, please visit https://endgamepr.com/ or call (804) 372-7677.

About MEMI Tech
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, MEMI Tech, LLC is the developer of the world’s thinnest, patent-protected, USB device, the 911 Medical ID™ Card. This unique, convenient credit card-sized USB storage device fits easily into your purse or wallet, and is designed to hold personal medical information to be used in the case of emergency.  For more information on MEMI Tech and the 911 Medical ID™ Card, please visit http://www.911medicalid.com.


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EndGame Public Relations Retained to Promote 911 Medical ID™ Health Information Storage Card