New USB Medical Information Card Aims to Save Lives, Time and Money

(Louisville, Kentucky) – If you’re severely injured in an accident, stricken by an allergic reaction, or impaired by a stroke, heart attack or seizure, how can you possibly relay important medical information to first responders?  Have you ever wished you could avoid carrying stacks of health records and lists of prescriptions with you to your doctor’s office, only to have to copy that information by hand onto form after form?  With a goal of saving lives and making doctor trips easier, Louisville, Kentucky-based MEMI Tech, LLC is announcing the availability of the new 911 Medical ID™, the world’s thinnest USB health information storage device.

911 Medical IDApproximately two millimeters thick, 911 Medical ID™ fits in your wallet as easily as a credit card.  It provides a simple way to store and carry important medical information, such as health history, allergies, and prescriptions, in a format that is easy for medical personnel to access. The card has been in development for three years, and the information it carries will reduce misdiagnoses, save valuable time, and even help cut the cost of medical care as we move more toward electronic records.

“The 911 Medical ID™ card has the potential to revolutionize the portable personal health record industry by giving consumers the power to better control and utilize their health information,” said MEMI Tech CEO Mark Weiss.  “The first place emergency medical professionals look for information on a patient is in his or her wallet, and stickers we provide will point them toward the 911 Medical ID™ card.  Parents, seniors, caregivers, travelers, athletes, the chronically ill, and students all have an immediate need for portable health information storage.”

When inserted into a computer’s USB port, pre-loaded software on the 911 Medical ID™ card launches immediately, and walks the user through the steps to enter information such as emergency contacts, doctors, medical conditions, prescriptions, a living will, medical tests, and family history.  The card’s one or two-gigabyte capacity and password-protected storage allow the user to store other necessary documents as well.  Additionally, each cardholder has the option of storing the medical records of up to ten family members right on your card.  Information on the card can also be automatically backed up to a secure password-protected website at no charge.

“Every time you go to a doctor, you are asked questions to update their records, and a visit to a new doctor can take forever because of the stack of forms that need to be filled out,” said Weiss.  “This card not only provides the piece of mind that your health information is available in the case of an emergency, it can also save time.  Just give the doctor’s staff the 911 Medical ID™ card, and tell them that all of your information is available inside.”

Another one of the many features that make 911 Medical ID™ card unique is the “Forever Benefit”.  As electronic medical records evolve, MEMI Tech is constantly improving the software for the card.  When an upgrade is available, the card is automatically updated.  This means a card purchased today will always be up-to-date.

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About MEMI Tech
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, MEMI Tech, LLC is the developer of the world’s thinnest, patent-protected, USB device, the 911 Medical ID™ Card. This unique, convenient credit card-sized USB storage device fits easily into your purse or wallet, and is designed to hold personal medical information to be used in the case of emergency.  For more information on MEMI Tech and the 911 Medical ID™ Card, please visit