Sheltering Arms Launching New High-Tech Walking Rehab Center

(Richmond, Va.) – Physical rehabilitation and therapy have seen a high-tech revolution in recent years, as more and more amazing new devices are stretching our ability to help injured individuals. Bringing many of these devices into one place, Sheltering Arms is launching the iWALK Recovery Center, a first-in-the-nation collection of rehabilitation technology that will be used by expert clinicians to help patients discover the power to overcome disability.

There are many factors that can rob an individual of his or her ability to walk independently, including brain injury, stroke, or illness. The new iWALK Recovery Center, located at Sheltering Arms’ facility on the campus of Memorial Regional Medical Center (MRMC) in Hanover County, is designed to assist these patients on the road to mobility. By focusing on helping them walk, Sheltering Arms will help these patients become more independent and confident.

iWALK is a specialty program that will provide research-driven, state-of-the-science care. Much of the technology to be used in the program can’t be found anywhere else in Virginia, or, in some cases, the United States. This technology includes:

  • ZeroG: The world’s most advanced body weight support system for over ground walking and balance retraining. The system is controlled from the patients side by a therapist using an iPod Touch. Sheltering Arms was the first healthcare facility in the U.S. to acquire this technology.
  • Lokomat Pro: An advanced robotic walking retrainer. The only one of its kind in Virginia that’s available to the public.
  • M Square (Functional Force Platform): The first technology installed in Virginia that is designed to accurately measure and train functional tasks.
  • Exoskeltons and Bionics: iWALK will utilize the Tibion Bionic Leg, the first wearable exoskeleton for the leg, as well as functional electrical stimulation devices.

The iWALK Recovery Center represents a new way of thinking about ambulatory rehabilitation. By putting the latest technology at the fingertips of the most highly-trained therapy teams, patients will have the best chance of walking out the door.

Sheltering Arms’ is holding a media preview (media only, please) of its iWALK Recovery Center on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Therapists and patients will be available to discuss iWALK and its technology. Members of the media wishing to attend should call one of the contacts at the top of this release for more details.

About Sheltering Arms

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  • Lokomat Pro: An advanced robotic walking retrainer. The only one of its kind in Virginia that’s available to the public.